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The Power of Community

In any task, the outcome is always better when collective minds and resources are used.  This also is true when it comes to education. 

A community of talent and expertise produces the best result.  Mortgage Knowledge was the brain child of the industry's top educator.  After 40 years of teaching more than 40,000 mortgage industry professionals, he knew finding the right education provider was crucial to becoming successful in this very competitive industry.  With dozens of industry education providers in the market, individuals looking to enter or advance their career needed high-quality education they could depend on.  But this couldn’t always be accomplished with a single education provider.  Many of the best education providers focused on quality education for a specific purpose or area of the industry.  This left people having to find multiple providers or accepting limited education from a single provider.  

Mortgage Knowledge is a revolutionary industry concept where top education providers and mortgage professionals can meet to exchange knowledge and ideas.  A community of like-minded professionals where industry and licensing education can be obtained along with the community-power of on-going resource and idea sharing.

Mortgage Knowledge is not an NMLS approved education provider, rather it is a community of the best education providers.  Industry professionals can now find the proper education and be assured the education will be the best available.  Plus, using Mortgage Knowledge to arrange your education will never cost you more than finding it on your own...the power of community!